BRIO Labyrinth Game 34000

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This game has challenged and fascinated players of all ages ever since it was introduced in 1946, proven by the fact that it has sold 3 million copies! Balance the ball from start to finish, without it falling any of the holes. Think it looks easy? You have a go then! Our range of wooden toys have been part of childhood for generations. Product data: Pieces 3 pcs Depth 305 mm Height 94 mm Width 330 mm

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Rocking and rolling since 1946! Players of all ages are captivated by the original BRIO Labyrinth game. Use the handles to guide the steel ball through the maze. The closer you get to the goal, the more points you score. But move the board carefully, or the ball may fall through a hole. The Labyrinth is perfect for developing motor skills, concentration, perception, reasoning, and most of all, patience! Still a favourite for all ages, we’ve sold over 3 million labyrinth games since we introduced it in 1946.