Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle 4865

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Playmobil Lion Knights Castle 4865 set.
The Playmobil Lion Knight’s Castle has a portcullis that moves up and down, doors that open an close, a rockfall trap to detract any attackers, a treasure room behind locked gates, trapdoors, a breakthrough wall, a cannon, a parapet, slingshots (kid-safe), foldaway stairs and a whole lot more. The castle gate can be opened by the rotary knob and is secured with portcullis and a rockfall trap. Includes things that move using hinges, pulleys, slides and basically require no batteries.

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The Playmobil Lion Knights Empire Castle 4865 set is a large fortress measuring 72 cm wide by 62cm tall. The castle features a rock fall trap at the entrance, a working lift in the tower, a trap door in the turret and a folding trap wall to evict the enemies from the castle grounds. There are two lockable cells and a breakthrough wall. Comes complete with 3 knights dressed in Armour, a king and queen and an evil knight with cannon. The set includes 2 Playmobil horses, a full set of armory for all the knights and lots of accessories. Whether you want to be a zoo keeper, visit distant shores or capture the bad guys. Playmobil has something for everyone!