Playmobil Pirate Attack Ship 5135

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Playmobil Pirate Attack ship 5135 set.
The Playmobil Pirate Attack ship has two cannons and a crane for loading and unloading, and the upper deck removable for playing in the captain's cabin. The Playmobil Pirate Ship can be upgraded with optional underwater motor. Ship Dimensions: 68 x 22.5 x 56 cm (LxWxH). Set includes 2 cannons (with 4 cannonballs), a crane for loading and unloading and a treasure hiding place on the ship; a magic coin (RF-ID chip), which can be used on the Adventure Treasure Island #5134; 3 Playmobil pirates, 1 Playmobil boy, 1 parrot, several pirate weapons and pistols, 2 pirate flags, 1 treasure map, 1 megaphone, 1 treasure chest, 1 ammunition barrel, 1 lantern, 1 flour sack.
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