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Take your brick building to a whole new level with the Flexo Standard Educational Pack. There are enough Bricks and Tendons to accomodate several constuction projects at the same time, or the scope to build much larger Flexo models for example the flexible bow. The Flexo Standard Educational Pack comes in a convenient organiser storage box with various compartments to keep your bricks and tendons arranged as you choose.
Included in this set;
One Hundred & Fifty (X150) 2×2 Flexo Bricks
One Hundred & Fifty (X150) 4×2 Flexo Bricks
900 Tendons (four different lengths)
Insertion tool
Storage box/organiser
The sets are available in orange or grey bricks.
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The Flexo System
Flexo can bounce, bend, flex, wrap or even be worn – the possibilities are seemingly endless. Flexo uses a combination of a unique rigid construction brick and flexible “tendons” that allows one to truly flex one's imagination and create new designs one never thought possible. Flexo is great fun played with on its own, however when combined with your other bricks collection it is even more amazing! Flexo is 100% totally compatible with other traditional brick brands, such as Lego and will be the ultimate expansion to any brick collection you currently may have.
What can one do with Flexo?
The possibilities are endless! With the Flexo system and current brick collection using one’s imagination one can create amazing and wonderful things. A few ideas are - Vehicle suspension systems, catapults, swing or suspension bridges, animal or people figures and so much more.
How does Flexo work?
It is really simple. The ends of the Flexo tendons fit perfectly into the openings in the Flexo connector bricks. One could use fingers to push the Flexo tendon into position, but one could use anything convenient, however there is a purpose built stainless steel Flexo tool included.
The snug fit holds the Flexo tendons in place nicely, but when you really want to get rough and use the tendons to their max we recommend you lock the tendon in by placing any other brick (Flexo or not) on top of the Flexo brick. With the Flexo tendon now locked in place you can pull, tug, twist and yank to your hearts content.
Included in the Standard Educational Pack;
• 150 Flexo bricks (2x2)
• 150 Flexo bricks (2x4)
• 228 Flexo Tendons (Size #1)
• 228 Flexo Tendons (Size #2)
• 228 Flexo Tendons (Size #3)
• 228 Flexo Tendons (Size #4)
• Stainless Steel Tool for tendons
• Instruction sheet


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