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SCHYLLING Magic Drawing Slate
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Schylling is a world leader in traditional toys and classic fun. For over forty years,Schylling has specialized in timeless toys, blending nostalgia and innovation to offer distinctive, high quality toys.  From simple beginnings in 1975, making charming toys from a bygone era, Schylling has built  a distinctive collection of traditional toys with a nostalgic appeal for all ages.

As an award-winning toy company Schylling works to create the future in toys with enchanting new designs and exciting innovations on toys from the past.  Among these lines are the iconic tin toys that have been an important part of the history of the company.  Schylling is the world leader in the manufacture of Jack-in-the-Box toys and tin Kaleidoscopes, among others.

Schylling’s long list of toy categories including Classics, Games, Retro Toys, Ride Ons, Pretend Play,  Just for Fun,  Arts & Crafts, Great Outdoors and Collectable Tin. Schylling offers high quality, safe and creative products that lead the toy industry.

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