Plus-Plus Baseplates

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More about plus-plus baseplates

Plus-Plus construction bricks are incredibly simplistic in shape yet boundless possibilities exist with this great new construction toy product.
The Plus-Plus construction blocks are made in just one basic shape and are currently produced in only two sizes; Mini Size is 20mm and Midi size is 50mm. Children love to assemble the construction toy bricks  to create 2-D (flat) pictures, messages or mosaics. In addition they will create far more complicated three dimensional structures. With no tools required, Plus-Plus inspires and develops the creativity and imagination of children and adults alike. Plus-Plus bricks appeal equally to both boys and girls. Plus-Plus is available in a variety of pack sizes and colours. The three different colour groups currently are Basic with ten colours, Neon with six colours and Pastel with 6 colours.

Plus-Plus construction toys are designed and made in Denmark.

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